The Boundary is a leading product and location visualization studio creating virtual e-commerce solutions for luxury brands around the world.


We have been trusted by globally significant online retailers to create compelling, immersive content in the virtual and online retail space.



Immersive, fully shoppable, Virtual Stores and Showrooms

Build the flagship store your brand deserves

We build immersive, fully shoppable, virtual reality stores and showrooms for brands operating at the very top of their sector. Full API integration along with ground-up bespoke user interfaces designed to work hand in glove with existing platforms means a completely seamless online retail experience for your customer.

CGI Studio Photography

We can recreate your entire product catalog digitally in full 3D - whether that's 50 or 50,000 unique SKUs, opening the door to limitless possibilities in product representation.

Incredible efficiencies can be achieved by moving away from traditional studio photography and utilizing our world leading photo-realistic modeling capabilities.


We can create Virtual Locations anywhere in the world (and even beyond). Giving your creative team unlimited freedom to imagine the perfect location for your next product shoot. Whatever the needs- Still image, film content and VR, it can all be created within our incredible virtual locations. Not only are you saving money against a traditional location shoot, but you are also helping the environment by dramatically reducing your carbon footprint when compared against traditional location shoots.


We have a full team of licensed Architects and interior designers in-house ready to build your dream location.